Monday, January 17, 2011


I think that if my wife had a dime for every sympathetic smile that followed the statement, “the cobblers children have no shoes”, she’d be on a perpetual shopping spree.

I’m pretty sure that she’s frustrated and confused about the state of our own yard. On several occasions, she’s suggested that I NOT park my work vehicles in front of our home, for fear that the public would judge my design abilities…. by what they saw in our yard!

We have had many- a- laugh discussing this issue. And really…truth be told……..I think she’s been a pretty good sport about the whole yard thing! Things ARE getting done! The pace is just not conducive to a stress-free, happy wife. So my challenge is to find other ways to compensate for my turtle-like pace in completing the plan for our own backyard. Shoes!!! ……..she loves them as much as she loves air……shoes might buy me a bit more time!!!

The sarcastic little “digs”, and the “off the cuff” one-liners she makes, are not lost on me! I get it! So the question is……what is a reasonable amount of time to finish a project in my own yard, that clearly, I am able to accomplish in a client’s yard in a matter of a couple weeks?

Everyone with a job knows, that in order to keep that job, it must be done in a timely manner and it should be accomplished to perfection. Besides….it’s how I earn my living!

I have friends who are chefs. When they get home at the end of the day, the last thing they want to do is cook dinner. I have friends who own cleaning services……I would not eat off of their floors! I have friends that are gynecologists…… get the picture. My dilemma is…..Where do I find the time? How can I possibly balance my work, and “shoes for my own family?”

The answer to that is……I can’t! This business is unpredictable. Timelines don’t always happen as planned. When I get home at the end of the long, long day, I’m exhausted. I’ll BBQ some chiken, but doing more of what I’ve been doing all day……im not really feelin’ it!!!

So, I’ve resigned myself to the turtle- like pace that our own yard is moving at. It’ll get done whenever it gets done. In the meantime…….I will continue to park my company trucks around the corner from our home……..and remind my “Lovey” that there’s an awesome sale on shoes at the mall today!!!

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