Monday, October 26, 2009

How Does the Energy Flow in your Life?

Bringing the energy of the outdoors, inside!

I have always believed in the concept of Energy! That it flows through us, around us and within us. In my designs, I strive to create "balance in space"... both hardscape and softscapes. When I create spaces for my client's, .... even before the work has started, I can walk through every property and see it completely transformed by my minds eye. I can see it finished....... and i see dead people! ( lol jokes!)

It has taken many years, a lot of yucky situations, a good load of cash on self-help books, painful, yet wonderful personal growth, and the odd episode of Dr Phil. I now feel like Ma Nature and I are really starting to see eye to eye! We're on the same page..... I can feel her pain. Who was it that said, "Be the change you want to see in the world"? Well, I want to see change in our world, dammit! I'm totally on the band wagon! Less waste, more conservation, and a healthy dose of spiritual healing! There, I said it! Yes, I DO think that our poor little planet needs a little spiritual healing, not just a band-aid!

This most amazing place we hang our hats, comes with everything one could need for healing it's inhabitants, and for healing herself! We just won't let her! So now I'm going to start to do my little part in this global healing, by starting right in my own home! Just the other day, i found the most beautiful smokey quartz crystal, in my local Wiccan Boutique. The lovely sales woman held my attention with the vast amount of knowledge she fired at me about this huge hunk of wonder I held in my hands.
It was perfect for our home (not only because it matched the decor), but also because we all, children included, have felt a negative presense in the home since we moved in 3 years ago. Nothing that we needed to call in the Penn State Paranormal Team in for, but just a bad energy, and ok, maybe a few slightly freaky things!
Smokey (black) Quartz is known for drawing in and holding onto, negative energy that may be lingering around. Now, call me crazy, but just last night we placed this beautiful stone on the coffee table in the livingroom! We did burn a little sage as well, just for good measure..... and let me tell you, by the time i got home for dinner, the house just felt different. It felt clean, clear, light, and just plain different!
Such a great gift from the universe! Such a wonderful gift from our Mother Earth. We abuse the hell outta her, and she still keeps giving and expects nothing in return!

My next venture is to find something else that is "of the earth" and of a healing nature, so that i can keep working hard at my relationship with HER! Stay tuned, I'll let ya know what I come up with!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Eco Landscaping

Eco-landscaping allows eco-conscience homeowners to minimize their environmental impact without sacrificing a beautiful outdoor living space.

Eco-Landscaping eliminates chemicals and toxins in the landscape, conserves water and saves money through reduced energy and yard maintenance costs. It also reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions responsible for climate change.

Reducing our energy consumption is one of the biggest reasons for wanting to green our home and work environments. The rising cost of energy and the impact on our global climate are important incentives to look for new approaches and technologies to reduce our energy footprint.

Rain Harvesting

Use a cistern or rain barrel to capture and store rainwater for irrigation. It reduces stormwater runoff and the GHGs associated with drinking water. Make sure your barrel is covered with a tight-fitting lid or screen to keep disease-carrying mosquitoes from breeding there. For detailed savings and GHG emission reductions associated with using rainwater for outside watering see Rain Barrel calculations.

Sustainable Vegetation

Select plants that are native to your location and require little maintenance to flourish. The more native species you maintain and plant the better it is to preserve the natural habitat around you.Whenever possible, keep the vegetation that is already there and transplant it if necessary. Common plant life within a sustainable landscape includes:

• Natural grasses and wildflowers
• Flowering and fruiting shrubs
• Evergreen trees to provide wind breaks and natural habitat
• Deciduous trees to provide shade, including fruit and nut-bearing trees.
• Organic vegetable or herb gardens.

Reusable Outdoor Materials

Elements such as decks, patios, walkways and driveways all contribute to the way you live in your landscape. If any of these elements are chosen without proper consideration, they can create a variety of problems, from lowering the value of the home to releasing toxic chemicals and polluting the environment.

• Porous materials like crushed brick, gravel, and tumbles recycled glass
• Natural stone product like flagstone, ledge rock walls
• Precast concrete products or like interlock pavers and wall systems.
• Wood from sustainable forest and recycled plastic wood products
• Organic material like compost, leaves, bark mulch or wood chips.

Sustainable Outdoor Features

An assortment of Eco-friendly gardening techniques can be integrated into your sustainable landscape. Some of the most common include:

• Xeriscaping
• Green roofs
• Bioswales
• Rain gardens
• Living walls

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Landscape Design Studio

Dave J. Maciulis has been designing landscapes since 1990. He had a affinity for "Native Woodland Gardens" and signed his original designs "A Natural Landscape by Dave Maciulis." This is how the company was conceived. Starting his business in Dundas, Ontario his services span to serve the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region.

The design work ranges from residential to commercial work. Dave prefers to focus on residential design. "I work closely with my clients to create their dream landscape, what I really love is creating the outdoor living experience."

The portfolio of Natural Landscape Inc. includes works of  Woodland Gardens, Contemporary Courtyards, Pools with waterfalls, Sunken Patios with lush gardens, and Outdoor kitchens with cabanas and bars.

Dave has a philosophy that doing things right the first time is the only way. Working with a network of building professionals, our goal is to help our client's vision become reality. Dave will only work with professionals that are educated, experienced, and insured. "Only the best builders work with our team to ensure that our clients are getting the best results." 

Dave has recently acquired a property of his own, out of which he now operates his New Design Studio. "I have always dreamed of building my own tour garden to run my business from. I want clients to come to a place that will better allow them to get a good understanding what I am creating for them." The Design Studio is truly unique. Carved stone desks, stamped concrete floors, tranquil water feature and a large presentation plasma screen  back dropped with a forest of trees.
Dave is using the latest presentation technology. Using CAD programs, Photo imaging software and 3-D technology Dave is helping his clients see the dream landscape before construction begins. "It is hard for our clients to contain their excitement, while the sit and watch their landscape transform before their eyes."

The studio will be in a continuos state of transformation over the next couple of years as Dave takes the time to complete the tour garden. Dave invites anyone to come and appreciate the surrounding gardens to see the work in progress.

"Excellence in design is the goal of Natural Landscape Inc.. We are in constant pursuit of unsurpassed artistry, while utilizing the latest computer technology and sound construction principles. We combine nature and structures to create a surrounding environment that compliments your lifestyle and leave your guest in awe!" Dave Maciulis

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creating an Outdoor Room

Imagine sitting with your family or friends in the backyard on summer evening. Steak dinner cooking on the grill, you are gathered around a warm fire in your sunken patio, and the table is set on your flagstone dining room. 
Outdoor spaces can be "Outdoor Living Rooms" and should reflect the interior of your home. It has become a big trend throughout North America that people are turning their back yard decks and patios into outdoor kitchens and living rooms.

Having an experienced Certified Landscape Designer help you create your outdoor living room can be a rewarding experience. If you plan to do any work yourself just keep in mind that it is important to choose proper materials that weather the outdoors.

The hearth of any home entertainment is the kitchen.
Outdoor kitchens encompass the same criteria, a grilling area and eating area, brought together with a fireplace or fire pit area. Like many indoor kitchens outdoor versions can have the same countertop space for food preparation, bar entertainment complete with bar fridges, and plumbing for sinks.

Defining the outdoor space with low walls, benches and border gardens help ties the hardscaping to the surrounding green space. The additional touch of landscape lighting, sculptures and containers give the yard the detail it requires to make your outdoor room to feel like home sweet home.

Check out a Detailed Construction Plan By Dave Maciulis

Why Choose a Certified Landscape Designer

Landscape designers do a lot more than just show you where to plant flowers or how to sculpt your garden beds. They can design intricate patios and decks, plan complex multi level terraced gardens with pergolas, outdoor kitchens and amazing water features.

Certified Landscape Designers are experts in exterior decorating, grading and drainage, horticulture, and basic architectural design. They can combine plants and architecture, while working within a budget.

Certified Landscape Designers have to show proof of education, industry experience, present a portfolio of their own design work for a review and complete a rigorous exam. You defiantly want a professional who knows what they are doing. One good rain storm could flood your house or fill your pool with soil. You might not like spending the money , but if landscaping is not done properly the damage around your home can cost you several of thousands of dollars.

Hiring an experienced Certified Landscape Designer who has the knowledge and experience understands proper techniques in construction and can help you avoid costly mistakes.

By ensuring the most practical solutions for each design challenge, by helping the owner to find the best landscape contractor, through assistance in locating supplies and more, using the services of a CLD will help you achieve the most cost-effective results possible and ensure a well-preforming finished project.

Make sure your Landscape Designer is Certified!

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