Monday, January 18, 2010

Night at the 2010 Landscape Grammy Awards

Hey Folks………
Well, it’s been a while……so I figured it was time for me to dust off my pen, (yes, I write it all down on paper first), and put some of my ever -racing thoughts out into cyber space to touch base with my fellow landscape buffs!
It’s been hard to contain my excitement over the past week, as I did something that I never before had the time for. No, no,……I didn’t get to that zipline thing I’ve been meaning to do, but I did, finally, submit a design to Landscape Ontario for their annual awards presentations……….and WON!!!!
My wife was not surprised, my staff were not surprised, anyone I’ve done work for, was not surprised. But just let me say……WOW…..was I surprised!
I have been doing this work for 20 years, I love my work and and I am damn passionate and knowledgeable at what I do. I am confident in my work. My knowledge is vast and if there’s something that I don’t know……I'm great at finding the people or persons who do!
So, why then , was I as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs??????
OK….so let me explain to those who might not get it. The Landscape Ontario Awards are equivalent to the “Grammy’s” of landscaping. They are a big deal to those of us who run in the landscaping circles . You can love your own work as much as you like………but when a panel of judges fellow Landscape Professionals and Designers are holding your work up against many other submissions, and they say “We love this one……this one is exceptional! This design is soooo great, that we are going to announce to his peers, that we think this design rocks!” And that, my friends, is as good as it gets!
Over the years I have collected many awards for my work, but they always came to me via the construction of another firm . This time was different. This was an award solely based on my work alone……and that felt good! Toot toot!!! That’s the sound of me tooting my own horn! !!!!! LOL