Monday, October 26, 2009

How Does the Energy Flow in your Life?

Bringing the energy of the outdoors, inside!

I have always believed in the concept of Energy! That it flows through us, around us and within us. In my designs, I strive to create "balance in space"... both hardscape and softscapes. When I create spaces for my client's, .... even before the work has started, I can walk through every property and see it completely transformed by my minds eye. I can see it finished....... and i see dead people! ( lol jokes!)

It has taken many years, a lot of yucky situations, a good load of cash on self-help books, painful, yet wonderful personal growth, and the odd episode of Dr Phil. I now feel like Ma Nature and I are really starting to see eye to eye! We're on the same page..... I can feel her pain. Who was it that said, "Be the change you want to see in the world"? Well, I want to see change in our world, dammit! I'm totally on the band wagon! Less waste, more conservation, and a healthy dose of spiritual healing! There, I said it! Yes, I DO think that our poor little planet needs a little spiritual healing, not just a band-aid!

This most amazing place we hang our hats, comes with everything one could need for healing it's inhabitants, and for healing herself! We just won't let her! So now I'm going to start to do my little part in this global healing, by starting right in my own home! Just the other day, i found the most beautiful smokey quartz crystal, in my local Wiccan Boutique. The lovely sales woman held my attention with the vast amount of knowledge she fired at me about this huge hunk of wonder I held in my hands.
It was perfect for our home (not only because it matched the decor), but also because we all, children included, have felt a negative presense in the home since we moved in 3 years ago. Nothing that we needed to call in the Penn State Paranormal Team in for, but just a bad energy, and ok, maybe a few slightly freaky things!
Smokey (black) Quartz is known for drawing in and holding onto, negative energy that may be lingering around. Now, call me crazy, but just last night we placed this beautiful stone on the coffee table in the livingroom! We did burn a little sage as well, just for good measure..... and let me tell you, by the time i got home for dinner, the house just felt different. It felt clean, clear, light, and just plain different!
Such a great gift from the universe! Such a wonderful gift from our Mother Earth. We abuse the hell outta her, and she still keeps giving and expects nothing in return!

My next venture is to find something else that is "of the earth" and of a healing nature, so that i can keep working hard at my relationship with HER! Stay tuned, I'll let ya know what I come up with!

Friday, October 23, 2009